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We are saying goodbye to the Ocean, to Peru and to America


At about 8 o’clock in the morning we get off at the bus terminal in Lima. I have the impression as if I left this city only yesterday... We feel like we must say goodbye to the Ocean and spend ashore the rest of my time in America.

Chyba mewa:)OceanDziewczynkaLucky LuckDoktor, Szczepan i Robak

I bask in the sun, the Ocean hums drowsily; I think I could stay here a little bit longer... The first thing I will do on my return to Poland is to play Lotto!

LimaSzczepan i DoktorOstatnia wieczerza

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end... nothing stands still, including time; it won’t wait till I get bored with the Ocean; slowly, we have to pack up, get our rucksacks. There are steep stairs on the way to Mira Flores!

Doktor globtroterSzczepanWitekLima

Our last meal in Peru... I felt like eating some guinea pig but it turned out that they don’t serve such delicacies in Mira Flores and we had no time to make it to the town centre. Well, I will have to come here once more.

We reach an airport. We’ve paid three times less for the taxi which took us to the airport than for the first one that we had caught here on our first day! Now, however, we know how much it costs and the driver cannot swindle us again!

At the airport we check our stuff once more and go to the check-in; it turns out, however, it’s too late! I mean, we could still check in but there were no seats left in the plane! The thing is that the airlines tend to sell more tickets than they have seats available, i.e. first come, first served! I couldn’t believe it at the beginning! The next flight is due on Tuesday and I’ve got to be at work on Wednesday! If it hadn’t been for that, we would probably have stayed because the airline treated us to a full board stay in the four-star Sheraton! We, however, asked for a new connection to be found. We’ve got the flight to Caracas at 1.30 A.M.!

Aniko i Cusquena
Te amo Peru!Uwaga tańce!Reprezentacja Kuby w badmintonie też wraca do domu
* * * * *
CaracasRobak nostalgicznieAniko i Witek w CaracasAin't No Sunshine When She's GoneLotnisko w Caracas

Still at the airport in Lima I make the acquaintance of a very nice Hungarian woman who, thanks to the KLM airline, ended up in the same situation as we did. While waiting for the plane we spend the night at the airport and kill time sipping Cusquena beer.

Kawa w businessowej poczekalni!Poczekalnia dla businessmanowSzczepan myśli nad zostaniem businessmanem
Poczekalnia dla businessmanowNasz samolocikZ pewna taka niesmialosciaNasz samolocikSzczepan
Szczepan na fotelu rozkoszyAniko i WitekZachód słońca nad oceanem

Unfortunately, we’ll see Caracas only through the airport windows; if we wanted to get outside, we’d have to pay 61$ (sic!) of tax! What a country!

While visiting a duty-free shop I find, inter alia, one-kilogram bars of chocolate! Sorry to say, not within my means. We go to collect our plane tickets to Paris; it turns out that we’re going business class! It means that we’re entitled to stay in the business waiting-room. There’s a free buffet stocked with various kinds of cheese, drinks and alcohol! Bathroom with shower and a little room with a computer connected to the internet are also at our disposal!

It’s so great that it seems we’re the last to get on the plane! Our Boeing 747 (max. speed 0.85 M) is cute, isn’t it? But a real shock we get inside! Szczepan, after five-week of abstinence, has an orgasm in the armchair which has more buttons than the most cracking mp3! It’s time to start thinking about changing a profession! Anyway, have a look!

Our room is situated in the nose of the plane; there’re 16 seats so it’s very cosy. Everyone has at his or her disposal the aforementioned armchair: hand-controlled with a massage function! The armchair can be reclined to the horizontal position in a dozen or so ways! Each person has a monitor at the front which shows any movie you’d like to watch. You can also check the current parameters of the flight such as speed, altitude, distance to your place of destination or even your position on the map! In short, plushy!

Meals are not served in some cheap, foamed polystyrene containers but on the real plates! I’ve got more cutlery than I can use and the waiter speaks to me in French! So, we drink to pilot’s health and to our first flight to Paris. Bonne nuit!

Dane lotuDane lotuAniko i WitekAniko i Witek
* * * * *

We’re awoken by the sunrise above Europe and delicious breakfast served in ‘bed’. To be honest, I could fly a little bit longer in such conditions! It’s definitely too close to our old Europe! We get off at the De Gaul airport in Paris and rush again (the airport is quite big) to catch our plane to Warsaw which takes off in 10 minutes!

At the Okęcie airport we hear people speaking in Polish, it’s a very strange feeling! For another week I say instinctively ‘gracias’ instead of ‘dziękuję’! By the way, I left my luggage in Paris! All in all, I’m not surprised, I’d like to stay there as well.

Wschód słońcaAniko
EuropaNareszcie w domu

Apropos, does anyone know what the hell, in every toilet and in every train, such a chart is for? Bienvenido en Polonia!

Now is the time for a little synopsis. We set off from Tychy after midnight in March 10th, returned in April 17th; so in total it’s 39 days of the journey! In those days we travelled, including all the flights, 33 453 km doing: TychyCracow – Barcelona – Lima – Ica – Nasca – Arequipa – Colca – Arequipa – Puno – Cusco – Machu Picchu – Cusco – La Paz – Coroico – Rurrenabaque – La Paz – Uyuni – San Pedro de Atacama – Arica – Tacna – Lima – Caracas – Paryż – Warszawa – Tychy! We did 7 903 km in America. In that time I took about 2000 pictures! What else... I lost three pairs of sunglasses, one foam pad and my Mole mug (that has an animated character called Krtek printed on it) from which we drank high-proof spirits on our way to Zakopane... ehh! And I’m writing these words on the 10th of June, i.e. three months since our departure... And this is the end of my story. Good night!

Schemat instalacji wodnejOstatnie zdjęcie
Witold Wieszczek – the one who was saying goodbye to Peru.
Translated by Kamil Razowski.
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