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First stop - Barcelona!

Na lotnisku

Our journey started at a Friday night. We went to the airport in Cracow. It was dark and cold. In Barcelona we were greeted by palm trees and sunny weather. It was only two hours flight, but now we were in completely different world!

And why did we flew through Barcelona? Because it was the cheapest way! The flight from Barcelona to Lima with a change in Amsterdam was cheaper than the same flight from Amsterdam! Anyway, I always wanted to see the capital of Catalonia, so not complained.

Popielniczka na lotnisku w BarcelonieMy na Plaza De Universidad

At the airport we left our backpacks at the luggage office (€4.6 for a locker that held 3 big backpacks). According my fiend's (Brasieńka's) instructions we took the bus to Plaza de Universidad (€3.9).

Plaza De UniversidadSprzątanie na Plaza De UniversidadMy na Plaza De UniversidadMetroSagrada Familia

At the Plaza de Universidad we ate breakfast watching the pavement being washed. Afterwards we took the underground (€6.9 for a ten fare T-10 ticket) to the neighbourhood of the famous Sagrada Famillial. We called on Braśka on the way and she gave us many priceless instructions. Thanks again!

Leżymy pod SagradąSagrada FamiliaPiłka pod SagradąSagrada Familia

We decided to relax for a while by the beautiful basilica. Its full Catalan name is Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. The construction works were started in 1884 so it's easy to count that the works have already taken over 100 years! No wonder. According to Antonio Gaudi's idea the building should resemble a huge organism. Every detail is different. Such uniqueness has to take time, a lot of time!

Sagrada FamiliaBarcelonaBarcelona

We decided to join the further contemplation of the basilica with some beer (€2.5) in a nearby restaurant. After the most basic needs had been satisfied we went to see (portray) some more of the city...

And there was a lot worth seeing! Barcelona was built in the 3rd century BC. Today it has 1.5 million inhabitants and is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. The riches of the charming tenement houses, Ramblas alley, the crowd, concerts and happenings on every corner...

Robak, Doktor i SzczepanBarcelonaBarcelona
Casa MilaSzczepanKarolina, Doktor, Szczepan i WitekCasa MilaCasa Batllo

The pictures above present Casa Mila. Many classical music concerts take place on its roof. And next another Gaudi building – Casa Batlló. The place is called the Contention Square thanks to different architectonic styles of the buildings surrounding it – buildings designed by 3 different architects.

BarcelonaW czapeczkach
BarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelona na głowieBarcelonaEdward nożycorękiTaniec z wachlarzemDiabeł
Witek, Robak, Szczepan i DoktorWalczący z wiatrem

Barcelona... Edward Scissorhands was there! As well as dances with fans, a table without any legs (I suppose so) and a cheeky devil... But the guy fighting with the wind was the best. He beat them all! I couldn't take my camera of him!

Walczący z wiatremWalczący z wiatremWalczący z wiatremEstatua De ColonBarcelonaBarcelona

On the way to the port we passed Columbus who pointed the direction. But before going further we had to visit one more place - Plaza Espana at the foot of Montjüic (Jewish Hill). On the hiss there is a fountain designed in 1928 by Josep Maria Jujol. It was built in 1929. Every evening studding light, water and sound spectacles take place there. On the way we pass two twin Venetian Towers patterned after the tower at St. Mark's Square in Venice. Their construction was started in 1928 and it was based on the design of Ramona Reventós y Farrarons. Especially for you a Barcelona de noche series to the words of immortal Freddy.


I had this perfect dream Un sueno me envolvio This dream was me and you Tal vez estas aqui I want all the world to see Un instinto me guiaba A miracle sensation My guide and inspiration Now my dream is slowly coming true The wind is a gentle breeze El me hablo de ti The bells are ringing out El canto vuela They're calling us together, guiding us forever Wish my dream would never go away Barcelona! It was the first time that we met Barcelona! How can I forget The moment that you stepped into the room You took my breath away Barcelona! La musica vibro Barcelona! Yella nos unio And if God is willing, we will meet again someday Let the songs begin Dejalo nacer Let the music play Ahhhhhhh... Make the voices sing Nace un gran amor Start the celebration Ven a mi And cry! Grita! Come alive Viva! And shake the foundations from the skies Shaking all our lives Barcelona! Such a beautiful horizon Barcelona! Like a jewel in the sun Por ti sere gaviota de tu bella mar Barcelona! Suenan las campanas Barcelona! Abre tus puerras al mundo If God is willing, if God is willing, if God is willing Friends until the endF. M.

Na lotniskuAmsterdam
Wino przed wylotemChodnik dla leniwych

The day was over and I – in love with Barcelona – couldn't wait to come back here on the way back form Peru. To see at least Güell Park. I didn't sleep at the airport. I listened to the conversation af a British-Italian-Spanish Erasmus student group with envy. In the morning we drank another toast (just in case) to the right number of take-offs and landings and went on board another plane.

While waiting for plane in Amsterdam I admired the travelators going through the terminal. People from the west would think of anything – jut to get more fat.

Text and photos by Witold Wieszczek.
Translated by Agnieszka Wąsowska.
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